Our Case Studies - achieving success together

Your success is our success!

We are always proud of receiving positive feedback and many of our clients have been with us for over 10 years. In fact, 99% of our clients return, continuing to trust us to find them the talent they need to drive their businesses forward. 

Here are a few case studies to provide an outline of the types of roles we have successfully appointed and how we have worked with our clients.

Managing Director - Railway Component Manufacturer

Using our knowledge of the Rail industry and in-depth market research Collingwood generated a target list of organisations and approached 120 candidates for the position

Operations Director – Cable Manufacturing

Collingwood combined headhunting and advertising led selection to identify candidates.

Rail Service Director - Infrastructure

Using comprehensive experience and knowledge of the industry, our consultant compiled and presented a list of target companies to the client.

Engineering Manager - Operating Company

Our market research was presented to the Managing Director and HR Director, explaining what we felt would need to be offered to secure the right candidate.

Project Executive - High Speed Rail

Using our knowledge of the rail industry and in-depth market research Collingwood generated a target list of organisations

Railing track in forest
Head of Environment – Rail Infrastructure

Candidates were targeted who along with all the relevant qualifications and experience, were able to deliver management and strategic solutions

Managing Director - Fleet Services

Our search took two routes. One was a thorough scouring of the marine and defence industry, with the project team taking the time to attend two major trade shows

Head of Sales - Aggregates, Rail Freight

Engaging our client in a regular update on how the research and approach work was going was key

Man walking along the street with brick wall behing them
Key Account Managers - Specialist Medical Therapy

Meetings were held with Apos Therapy to allow us to fully understand the technical and behavioural characteristics the individuals would need to possess

Global Training Manager - Ophthalmology

Case study latest

Operations Director – Medical Devices

Collingwood made confidential approaches to all of the individuals and, following qualification, were able to produce a long list of 8 individuals

Business Development Director - Respiratory

We delivered a proactive Headhunting solution, which required us to build and leverage a network in the medical devices packaging environment

Marketing Director - Medical Design & Manufacturing

The company have a clear vision – to break down barriers and change people’s lives. In order to deliver this vision, their people are at the heart of what they do

Managing Director - Surgical Instruments, Ophthalmology

We have an extensive track record in the medical devices sector and so had a solid understanding of its culture and process to supply products to hospitals

Managing Director, Defence Manufacturing - France

Collingwood supported the CEO and his team by attending all candidate interviews in order to offer guidance, support and up-to-the-minute feedback

Manufacturing Process Manager - Aerospace

This candidate was only in his mid-20’s, but came with the wealth of relevant experience, recruited with this research heavy, headhunting approach

Head of Quality - Aerospace

Collingwood managed all negotiations, progressing the offer and notice arrangements to a successful conclusion

SHEQ Director – Utility Infrastructure Installer

As with previous assignments with this client, the key to securing the right candidate was the two-way, intelligence led communication throughout the process

Business Development Director – Aerospace Manufacturer

Having worked within the aerospace industry for nearly 20 years, Collingwood were able to draw out businesses that could potentially fulfil all of the criteria

Managing Director – Aerospace and Defence

Collingwood understood that the softer skills of candidates would be tested as much as their exposure to working for an established aerospace manufacturer

Chief Executive Officer - Aerospace

Within the first 12 months of the appointment, the business continued to go from strength to strength

Sales Director - High End Furniture

Using behavioural profiling tools we went about putting together a benchmark for the type of person we felt would succeed in the business

Site General Manager - FMCG Manufacturer

Not only did they have the right skills sets to succeed, they had the drive, energy and determination to succeed in our client's fast-paced culture

Care Operations Director - RMBI

In depth meetings were held with the RMBI to fully qualify both the technical and behavioural attributes the incumbent would need to possess

Director of Operations - Learning Disability Services

It was quickly apparent that give the multi-faceted nature of the role, it required a solutions-focussed leader with a blend of clinical and commercial expertise

Director of Digital – Health and Social Care Provider

The client was delighted with the outcome as they now have the right person who will drive the strategy and delivery of their digital agenda

Medical Director - Healthcare

A rigorous search was carried out, with an approach made to over 224 medical leaders. 5 were chosen for competency based interview & assessment

General Manager - Private Healthcare Services

Having previously worked with this client, we had a good understanding of their culture, services and the environment and challenges of the cancer care centre

Director of Corporate Development - Private Women's Healthcare

We used our 20 plus years’ experience in healthcare to help our client shape the role and identify what was and was not possible

Operations Director - National Construction Provider

Experience of developing a major council awarded contract, managing a large, diverse directly employed workforce, were key areas to explore for this recruit

Managing Director Roles - Construction Products

The result has not only been successful in terms of their individual performances but the three appointees regularly meet up to share best practices

Sales Director - Utilities Infrastructure Installer

Unlike situations Collingwood often find themselves in, this client was not insistent on an individual coming from the competition

Finance Director - Construction

Through listening to the client, it was clear they required a very specific skill-set within a fixed location but someone who was also willing to travel

Head of EU Operations, Global SaaS Organisation

Given our strong network of senior operators within varying SaaS sectors, an initial target list of aligned companies was collated

Director Roles - Window Systems Provider

This proved to be a really challenging assignment but through this informed, data led and consultative approach, a strong candidate was secured

Operations Director - Construction Manufacturer

Collingwood were approached by this construction product manufacturer of cementitious materials to secure an Operations Director

VP General Manager - Enterprise, EMEA

At each point in the process, the client and candidates had knowledgeable support on hand from the consultant at Collingwood

Technical Director

Our primary focus was to provide a strong shortlist of genuine options. We targeted candidates possessing the right blend of technical and leadership qualities

Woman handing folder over to a man
Product Management, programme of four executive search projects

This leader had to be of a global mind-set and, more than likely, have a home life that allowed for travel or country relocation

Global Account Director

This placed candidate surpassed the expectations of all the parties involved and, after three months, moved into a senior vice president-level position

Regional Sales Director US, Global Cyber Security

Collingwood identified and targeted in excess of 100 candidates and submitted a shortlist of five candidates within six weeks of initial commission

Commercial Director - Building Product Manufacturer

Mark was able to identify 55 companies who sell into similar markets, having thoroughly researched the regional building materials market. A total of 55 candidates were then approached, across the three disciplines.

Supply Chain & Logistics Director – Building Products

Pulling together research on the regional building materials market, Mark was able to identify 49 companies who manufacture building products. Candidates from these target organisations were then approached, across the three disciplines.

Innovation Director –IT/OT and Industrial Automation

From the list of target organisations we submitted a shortlist of 3 candidates within 4 weeks.

Solutions Consultant –IT/OT Convergence and IA

Within a 12 week period we submitted 5 separate shortlists, identifying over 300 candidates across multiple regions. Collinwood interviewed 100 candidates and successfully negotiated offers for 5 candidates.

Chief Sales Officer - Cyber SaaS

With a target list of 80-100 organisations drawn up, a targeted and focused search followed. Resulting in 4 high potentials put forward for interview.

OEM Sales Manager - EMEA

Recognising that the sales organisation in EMEA was lacking the direction required to achieve their ambitious growth targets, our client needed expert support in recruiting a new member of the EMEA senior leadership team. Identifying over 50 candidates, we progressed 9 through a vigorous internal process and shortlisting 3 exceptional candidates.