Working with a trusted, values-led company

Collingwood have no interest in transactional recruitment! Building collaborative and respectful partnerships with our clients is critical. Why?

Well....Not all companies see the benefit of investing in the people they employ or the process through which they recruit them. This is why so many senior level hires fail within the first year!

But we recognise that achieving great results, and the best long-term outcomes for everyone (candidates and clients), means working with companies who share the same values as we do.

You need someone you can trust. We are firm believers in getting it right first time, and take pride in providing exceptional results, proven through in-depth research and collaboration, enabling our clients to make critical data led hiring decisions. 

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Our Story

Collingwood Executive Search was established in 2005 by Doug Mackay, founder and Managing Director. Fed up of the typical recruitment environments we all hear about, he wanted to create a strong values orientated, family friendly culture, that focused on delivering outstanding service to their clients. He envisaged an environment that was fun to work in, where personal learning was a priority, and a strong team ethic focused on solving clients' problems.

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Our Values

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We take individual and collective accountability for what we promise to deliver
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We will always do the right thing
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We are always looking for ways to improve
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We are listeners not sellers

Working with the right clients is critical to the success of any partnership

Working really hard to develop a culture that our staff all love to work in, we are very proud to say that our team are built within an environment and culture based on strong values, dedicated to providing exceptional service and finding the talent required to contribute to the success of all of our clients.

Success comes as a result of;

  • Collaboration – access to decision makers who share their challenges and aspirations
  • Consultation – a clear understanding enables us to provide a view based on our experience
  • Commitment – realistic outcomes and expectations set and met
  • Care – mutual respect for all parties
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Our strategy wheel demonstrates how we operate our business



The core purpose is the emotional connection to a business – why you get out of bed in the morning, our reason for being; why Collingwood exist.


The vision is how we want the market to perceive us, and our ambition. This is the logical foil to the intrinsic, emotional purpose.


This is how we know we’ve achieved our vision, our measure of success.

Strategic Foundations

Strategic activities detailing ‘what’ needs to be done to achieve our vision and measure. This will form the part of our change programme to align the business and get to where we want to be.


How we consistently conduct ourselves when we carry out the ‘whats’ and work towards our vision and purpose.

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I've used the services of Collingwood on several occasions over a period of more than 10 years and have found in every case them to be exemplary in all aspects. Their attention to finding the right fit in search and selection is excellent as is their expertise in the provision of development tools in team development. I would have no hesitation in recommending them both professionally and personal.

Managing Director,
Leading Window Systems Provider
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We have used Collingwood twice so far and both times have proved successful in identifying a quality recruitment for the role we were looking to fill; a Sales & Marketing Director and a Production Manager. I have no hesitation in recommending Collingwood and would use again.

Managing Director, Provider of SCADA and Command and Control Systems
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Since placing the candidates, I have gained feedback from all involved.  The result has not only been successful in terms of their individual performances but the three appointees regularly meet up to share best practice and guide each other.

It was not only a very rewarding set of assignments but I obtained added satisfaction from the fact that this new contact from Germany completely understood the importance of partnership in order to gain maximum return.  I cannot wait to work with her and, what is, a great client again.

Mark Goldsmith,
Senior Executive Search Consultant at Collingwood headhunting for German based Construction Products Group
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Doug is involved with his clients every step of the way. I could of not asked for better support. I would highly recommend working with Doug for all recruitment needs

Director of Corporate Development, Private Healthcare
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Collingwood provided professional and personalised support and advice throughout the recruitment process combined with regular and open communication leading to my successful appointment. Collingwood are enthusiastic and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend their executive search and recruitment services to other individuals or organisations.

Director of Operations,
Look Ahead Care, Learning Disability Services
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I was not really actively seeking a change in employment; however when Justin called me, his drive and enthusiasm drew me in. Clearly passionate about the organisation he was representing, he made me keen to learn more. He personally met with me in order to learn more about my skills, experience and behavioural traits. He was therefore in a position to evaluate that not only was I the right person for the position, the organisation was the right one for me. He clearly fully understood all aspects of client’s business in order to answer all my questions – of which there were many.

Placed Candidate, Care Operations Director
The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution
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I have worked with Doug and the team at Collingwood over several years, both as a hiring manager and as a candidate. On both sides of the recruitment process what stands out is the effort that the team put in to understand the business and its culture, find high quality candidates suited to the role, understand their aspirations and work to achieve a strong match. Their approach extends through all aspects of the recruitment process, from role definition through on-boarding and during the initial employment period, and has achieved great results.

Client and Candidate ,
Aircraft Manufacturer
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From start to finish, the approach Mark used to introduce his client and the job role, was excellent. His knowledge of the client, the job requirements and skills set and personality they were looking for was expressed effectively to ensure a suitable fit. Mark had intricate knowledge of the client, including its future ambition and how the role would be an important area for the organisation. His approach was efficient and honest. He managed the whole process with integrity and I felt I was kept informed during all stages of the recruitment process. I would happily recommend Mark as an exemplary recruiter for senior positions.

SHEQ Director, Candidate
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We have used Collingwood on a number of occasions over the years and have always been impressed with their understanding of our business and our needs. The outcome of that understanding is high quality candidates and ultimately, some excellent, long-term, employees. I can fully recommend them and would not hesitate to use them in the future.

Business Development Director - Respiratory
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We have been partnering Collingwood Executive Search for over 6 years and have successfully recruited a UK Managing Director, a UK General Sales Manager, a Global Training Manager and a Regional Sales Director in Spain. They really understand the European Ophthalmic Industry and combined with their focus on understanding our company culture, they have simplified our recruitment process.

Leading Ophthalmic manufacturer
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Mark is a professional, friendly and intelligent recruitment professional. He has excellent communication skills and the ability to identify talent and find the right person for the identified role.

Head of Sales - Aggregates, Rail Freight
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I have worked with Justin for several years - initially when he placed me with my current organisation. The attention to detail during that period was second to none and the personal service incredible. Since then we have worked closely in the search and placement of roles within my teams. Working across multiple disciplines within the broadcast business, he is very well connected and knows the business inside out. If you are looking for a recommendation - Justin is most likely your man!

Client and Candidate,
Director of Tech, Healthcare Charity
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I had the pleasure to work with David, He loves his job and cares about the person he’s working with. I always felt I could trust him 100%, during the pre-selection process and also during and post selection. He’s able to give the right advice in the right way, even when things get complicated

Global Head of Marketing , Candidate
Plastics and Industrial Automation
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David has the ability to establish confidence relationship very fast, even at a distance. This is allowing him -when searching for the good candidate- to go beyond the written hard skills list, and scale up the discussion towards soft skills and people motivation.

Global R&D Director – Lighting and Industrial Automation
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David is a seasoned and senior global executive. With very strong business, sales, marketing, management and leadership acumen. I have worked with him on key projects where he’s always able to find the right person for the right role. I have high degree of confidence he can bring the people, resources, and experience needed to support our goals & objectives. I will continue to work with him and encourage anyone looking to grow and succeed to consider him as the right person to call on for the toughest challenges

Global Cloud Infrastructure Organisation
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David has provided some top talent for our team while avoiding lower quality deal flow. David listens and asks the right questions to map our challenges and needs into specific deal flow that reflects what we are searching for. We continue to work with David!

Cyber Security Solution Provider
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David's understanding of the security market and my requirements ensured I was able to very quickly and straightforwardly recruit some great individuals to my delivery team.

Global Systems Integrator
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From start to finish, the approach Mark used to introduce his client and the job role, was excellent. His knowledge of the client, the job requirements and skills set and personality they were looking for was expressed effectively to ensure a suitable fit. Mark had intricate knowledge of the client, including its future ambition and how the role would be an important area for the organisation. His approach was efficient and honest. He managed the whole process with integrity and I felt I was kept informed during all stages of the recruitment process. I would happily recommend Mark as a exemplary recruiter for senior positions.

Group HSE Director at Leading Industrial Building Materials Group
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We have used Collingwood on a number of occasions over the years and have always been impressed with their understanding of our business and our needs. The outcome of that understanding is high quality candidates and ultimately, some excellent, long-term, employees. I can fully recommend them and would not hesitate to use them in the future

Global Medical Devices Manufacturer
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Doug is an enthusiastic person who will stretch himself to search the right person for our company and understands the business we are in. He delivers high quality of people within a very short time. He never loses sights our needs. It has always been a pleasure to work with Doug because he meets our expectations. I would recommend Doug to anyone who was serious about finding the right talent for their business.

HR Director, International Healthcare Organisation
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We have worked with Collingwood on several occasions over the past five years, having had meaningful conversations about what we were looking for, they were always ultra-professional in their dealings with us and they found some fabulous candidates which were all certainly credible. We would not hesitate to recommend them to other businesses

Managing Director,
Building Products & Construction
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In my opinion Mark has the x-factor that most recruiters are missing. He isn't just looking for a professional fit to meet the brief that most professional recruiters do. He truly understands the immeasurable value of personal fit and future relationships, and the potential impact on the culture of a business. He placed considerable emphasis on this throughout the process, and his understanding and recollection of the detail was seriously impressive. The level of service Mark provided, combined with his engaging personality, gave me the best recruitment experience I've had in over 30 years of both recruiting and being recruited. I could not recommend Mark and the level of service he provides highly enough. I will certainly be working with him again in the future.

Sales Director, Matrix Networks
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We are very happy with our new MD for the UK. Mark monitored the process towards us as well as towards the candidates very carefully and made adjustments where necessary. We have never seen a process running so smoothly. As a group, we operate in various European countries, as well as the USA, Canada and South Africa. Fortunately for us, Collingwood also perform their activities outside the UK. A reliable, effective and pleasant recruitment partner, which we truly can recommend.

HR Director,
International Packaging Company
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David is a very professional yet friendly recruiter who helped me to earn my current job. David mentored me throughout the process and kept close communication with me and my employer. He always stands by his words, I definitely recommend him.

Successful Candidate,
Solutions Consultant - Global Industrial Automation Organisation
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I had the pleasure of being recruited by David in 2021. He was refreshingly professional, responsive, and transparent throughout the entire process. David also deftly handled some unexpected hiccups that came late in the recruiting process and ensured that all parties’ expectations were eventually met. I would highly recommend David and look forward to working with him in the future.

Technical Product Manager Edge,
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I had the pleasure of connecting with David for a new job opportunity. He is highly professional and responsive. Continually keeping me updated throughout the recruiting process., providing me with updates and feedback from the business that he introduced me to.

Thanks David for helping me secure a position with one of the best companies and for helping me with the whole process. I highly recommend working with David and trust in his work.

Solution Consultant,
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The quality and professionalism of engagement adopted by Justin was extremely surprising to me since the first connection. His confidence and guidance truly help me to perform at my best in every step of my interview process. Now I am really happy of the job I am doing and the company I am working for and it's thanks to him!

Candidate, Solutions Account Manager
Technology, Engineering & Industrial Automation
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Mark is a highly professional and knowledgeable industry professional. From the first time we met Mark created a positive and welcoming environment. Throughout the recruitment process Mark provided information and insight to enable me to consider the opportunity and make the important next step in my career journey. The support at each stage ensured that the recruitment and onboarding process were seamless. Mark's industry, organisational and assignment knowledge were first class and I couldn't have asked for more in terms of a candidate's experience. I would be very happy to recommend Mark to others in the industry.

Placed Candidate, Commercial Director
Building Products & Construction
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Justin Carpenter was the consultant involved in my recruitment to a director level health and social care post with a charity during 2021. During the whole recruitment process Justin showed an in-depth understanding of the skills and knowledge required for the new role, empathy with how complex these decisions are for applicants, and a great ability to listen to questions and provide clear, concise information in response. Justin was always available to contact and took a genuine interest in making sure the post was a good fit for my skills and knowledge. Throughout the whole process Justin conveyed professionalism and a sense that he had applicants' interest at heart, whilst simultaneously ensuring organisations were provided with a shortlist of candidates whom might be a good fit to the roles they advertised.

Placed Candidate, Clinical Director
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I had the chance to collaborate with Justin, who placed me in my new role. I really appreciated his profesionalism and pro-activity to make it a success. It is the first time in my life that I actually feel at the right place. It really shows Justin's capabilities to find the right matching profiles for specific job opportunities. I also appreciated all the input and advice provided prior to interviews to place me in the best position as possible to move forward in the process.

Solutions Account Manager, France, Candidate
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David is an excellent recruiter and his technical knowledge and expertise is enviable. He has a strong understanding on all the technical challenge on our team requirement, and he has helped through the entire recruiting process, and always go above and beyond his role for both the company and the candidate. David is diligent, his insight is on not only how to recruit, but who to recruit was a refreshing change from the norm. I found him to be smart, professional and effective, he is the type of recruiter you would give the most important recruitment assignment to, meanwhile he and his team could also support mass quantity when the business needs it.

I have the pleasure to work with David both as a candidate and as a company, I'm very impressed with his consistent delivery results. I truly believe his well established network within the tech-industry and all this combined makes him one of the best recruiters in the technical arena. I certainly recommend David for any companies out there, so as for any candidates.

Client, Director - Customer Innovation Center EMEA
Global Industrial Automation Company