Board and Senior Level Appointments

Appointing great leaders has never been as critical for businesses in today’s globalised economy, with organisations each facing their own challenges to provide customers with an unrivaled experience and maximum value. There are other stakeholders too, employees, suppliers and investors all with a view of what they want to gain from the company. Leaders are the glue to make the stakeholder circle robust, but also the catalysts to instigate, develop and deliver an inspiring purpose and vision.

acquiring, aligning and enabling leadership for growth 

Acquiring leadership: No longer is executive search about merely securing the best talent your sector has to offer, but instead, it presents an opportunity to look across industries and country boundaries to identify the best individual for the role. 

Aligning leadership: Understanding the “cultural fit” is paramount to the success of any future appointment. Enticing the best leadership talent isn’t just about matching skills and experience, but perhaps more importantly in respect of behaviours, competencies, emotional intelligence and core values. All of which we are able to evaluate through a suite of fully accredited assessment tools specifically designed for leadership evaluation. 

Enabling leadership: Businesses need new leaders to contribute value to their organisation as swiftly as possible. Our consultancy services ensure smooth and accelerated career transitions, reducing business disruption through change. 


Our team of executive headhunting specialists’ offer an in-depth understanding of the way that the broad range of industries operate, their culture, the key players and future market forecasts. All of which become invaluable when consulting with clients to shape an effective person profile and recruitment strategy.

Functions: CEO | Sales | Business Development | Finance | Marketing | Operations | Supply Chain | Engineering | Manufacturing | Human Resources | Procurement

Industry experience: Aerospace | Automotive | Financial Services | Healthcare| Industrial Automation | Legal Services | Not for profit / Charity | Medical Devices| Packaging | Pharmaceutical | Retail | Social Housing | Technology | Telecommunications


Unlike most search firms, Collingwood also offers leadership transition services which go beyond candidate placement. Our leadership services are aimed at accelerating the performance of your new employee, to ensure a smooth career transition and reduce business disruption through the change.

For further information on how we can help your business through the appointment of board and senior level talent please contact Collingwood’s Managing Director, Doug Mackay on 01829 732374 or by email to