Building Products & Construction

Recruiting and developing high performing talent for manufacturers and service operators globally. A proven and respected executive search partner with over 15 years' expertise in your industry.

Sourcing and attracting the market’s best talent is never easy, trust us, we know first-hand just how difficult it is.

Last year we guided our clients on a journey that resulted in over 96% of the assignments we were retained on being successfully recruited. This success also led to over 70% of our annual revenue coming from repeat business.

With both Building Products & Construction being such competitive markets, it is so important that leaders like you have the very best talent to deliver your strategy and outperform your competitors. Therefore, we understand how frustrating it can be when you invest in a partnership to execute your recruitment strategy, and it doesn’t consistently deliver the best people.

Simple process for you to engage with us 

Success comes from a robust but simplified process and our method is proven. Here is what you should do to engage with us.

1. Schedule a call with our Head of Building Products & Construction,

2. We listen and understand your needs.

3. We develop and deliver a custom plan aligned with your strategic goals. 

Failure is not an option for you!

Our purpose is not to simply fill roles. Instead, it is to ensure our clients recruit new employees that achieve the measurable targets that you set for them. Here, the impact of failing to attract the market’s best talent is huge.

What we do in Building Products & Construction

We have been guiding our clients to successfully recruit strategic talent in diverse ranges of the markets. Mark Goldsmith has managed recruitment projects in solely this industry for over 16 years. His LinkedIn profile outlines his expertise and extensive experience across boardroom, senior leadership and niche, hard to find skill sets.

Case Studies - to add context to our successful robust process and how we achieve such impressive results within the industry, review our case studies

What our clients say...

We live for our clients to be successful. We recognise the talent we recruit for you has a huge impact on your likelihood for success.

With proven results achieved in areas such as diversity, operational efficiency, culture change and New Product Development, our clients have no doubt of the impact of a relationship with Collingwood Executive Search. Here a couple of client testimonials:

"We have worked with Collingwood on several occasions over the past five years, having had meaningful conversations about what we were looking for, they were always ultra professional in their dealings with us and they found some fabulous candidates which were all certainly credible. We would not hesitate to recommend them to other businesses".

Managing Director, VEKA , North West England

“In my opinion Mark has the x-factor that most recruiters are missing. He isn't just looking for a professional fit to meet the brief that most professional recruiters do. He truly understands the immeasurable value of personal fit and future relationships, and the potential impact on the culture of a business. He placed considerable emphasis on this throughout the process, and his understanding and recollection of the detail was seriously impressive. The level of service Mark provided, combined with his engaging personality, gave me the best recruitment experience I've had in over 30 years of both recruiting and being recruited. I could not recommend Mark and the level of service he provides highly enough. I will certainly be working with him again in the future.”

Sales Director, Matrix Networks

What should you do next?

We want you to achieve your strategic goals, grow your organisation and guide you to the best talent in the market. To start the journey book a call with Mark at