Video Case Study - Senior Vice President - Industrial Technology


A connectivity technology business, this client had in recent years transformed from a product-orientated company to a $2.5B solutions-based enterprise selling on value. This had not only been achieved through aggressive organic and acquisitive growth, but also an unwavering effort to develop best in class commercial cultures and structures. This included talent attraction and management development plans. Such schemes and campaigns have transformed the client into a career destination for the strongest managers in industrial technology and the brightest graduates from some of the world’s best universities.

Meanwhile, a number of clients had become ‘large accounts’ and, in turn, our client aspired to do large single signature deals, bringing together a portfolio of complex solutions. Thus, taking advantage of their multiple business units and brands. However, sales teams were siloed and clients felt the service approach wasn’t in rhythm with their globalised businesses. It was clear that any new leadership had to be really effective, highly credible, flexible and astute. In short, they had to be of a character that inspired trust not only interpersonally, but also in situations where harmony was not always a feature.

Senior leadership also recognised that senior vice president-level leaders were approaching retirement without a critical mass of suitably promising vice presidents ready to take their place. The global account director openings provided them with a great opportunity to inject external talent and have the candidates ‘learn the business’ before moving into highly visible senior executive roles.

Watch this short video to see how we achieved success in partnership with our client.