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Evidence-Based Solutions

proven, pragmatic and practical.


Incremental change is no longer good enough. Transformational change is now the goal. This requires a clear understanding of how leadership behaviour impacts upon organisational dynamics. To achieve this we ensure a golden thread of evidence-based research flows through all that we do.


We use research-driven insights to guide our clients in how to execute their strategy and then develop their leadership team in the best way to make their transformation happen.

As independent consultants, we continuously monitor, review and distil the latest organisational research and case studies to;

  • ensure our programmes reflect up to date, leading edge thinking, innovative ideas and evidence-based models and applications
  • create bite-sized blogs, snappy articles and in depth white papers; all designed to suit our clients’ learning preferences
  • add value to global learning through critical thinking forums and publications which share the latest knowledge in leadership and organisational learning


In short, we are knowledge-driven and client-led in our approach. We use our evidence-based research platform and our previous experience to create independent, flexible and bespoke solutions to your specific need.

An example of this is our organisational dynamics approach which is based on a 3 dimensional PTO perspective ensuring personal, team and organisational development. All actions are aligned and integrated into one holistic and co-ordinated delivery platform. Through adopting this focused, cross-functional performance approach our clients can envision the required changes and visibly measure progress towards the programme goals.


To support our leading-edge development applications and in-house products, models and tools we use only the best of global brands to assess and evaluate, whether relating to leadership psycho-analysis, 360 feedback, team or organisational effectiveness. Our supplier partners include globally established brands including Hogan, Mind Garden, TotalSDI and Quantisoft.

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Our research based white papers, downloads and podcast series will help you learn more about how we  transform knowledge into proven, pragmatic and practical change strategies.